Dyslexic in Chicago

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dyslexic SEO

This is an old article, but one of the best article I have ever read about dyslexia in the work place. In business, it is always a great idea to have people who you admire. My list starts with John Chambers, Richard Branson, and Charles Schwab. They are on that list because of this article. This was the article that showed me that I COULD turn my “disability” into my “strength.” I encourage anyone who is dealing with dyslexia, or for those who just want to understand more about it, to read this article. It is a great article.

Overcoming Dyslexia – May 13, 2002

I started this blog a sometime ago because I wanted to show people what it was like to be a young professional in with dyslexia. I was once big into reading and writing in the blogosphere, but because of the topics I chose to write on, I became bitter and mad at the world (politics and economics use to be my two favorite topics). Now that I have returned back to my love for writing - and found a new lease on life – I am starting two new blogs: this one and Intellect Inspiration (II) – which actually is an old one that I am recycling.

Intellect Inspiration will be a blog were I will write on my industry (query marketing and web analytics), while this blog will be a daily (or at least as much as I can) log on how I go through my professional and personal life…..with dyslexia.

My Background
My dad went to Purdue University, where he fell in love with Purdue Athletics. Since I could remember, my patents have had season tickets to Purdue Football and Basketball, and yes, I still mooch as many tickets off them as I possible can. Ever sense I was a kid (since at least since the 4th grade), I have always wanted to earn my degree from Purdue. Unfortunately, that was never to happen.

The short version of the story is that I didn’t have the tools I needed to overcome my disability (one of the few times you will hear me refer to my dyslexia as a disability) to make it at Purdue (I never was accepted because it was obvious to everyone but me that I had not mastered my dyslexia). I ended up going to the The College of Mount St. Joseph, where I was able to take part in the EXCEL program (one of the nations best college level LD programs). By the time I finally had the tools to turn my “disability” into one of my most dangerous strengths, I had invested too much time and money to transfer to Purdue (about to go into my junior year and I was going to have to add at least another year to whatever schooling I had left to transfer to Purdue).

I graduated from MSJ (the Mount) with a degree in Business Admin. After spending 30 minutes in Chicago, visiting a friend, I loved it so much that I moved. My parents where ecstatic; my girlfriend was understanding but less thrilled.

After a couple of employers, which I am sure that I will mention sometime, I landed a job at a query marketing firm (Resolution Media).

I will share more about me in later posts, but the main thing you need to know now is that 1) I don’t see my dyslexia as weakness; it’s a strength. I have a saying that I have: “Being dyslexic has its advantages. I do hard on a daily basses, so impossible is nothing more than an extra breath, and extra thought, and an extra step.” That is why I don’t mind writing about it….or sharing my stories. It’s what make me different.

2) I am writing this blog for my personal benefit…I enjoy writing. My grammar or spelling might not be perfect (if you see a mistake, please email me at Nathan@nathanjanitz.com), but I still enjoy the art. I love to share stories, even if it’s simply to myself. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.